Pokhara is a place where mother nature has been exceptionally generous. The lush green hills, silver-crowned mountains, exquisite lakes, magnificent caves, and heart-stopping picturesque scenery combine to create a magical and mesmerizing atmosphere in Pokhara. No wonder why it is the tourism capital of Nepal. It has so much to offer, no matter if you are adrenaline junkies, honeymoon couples, gastronomes, trekkers, or pilgrims. Pokhara has everything for everyone. Thus, it is a tourist’s heaven. In this article, we uncover the best-hidden places and things you can do in this small piece of paradise.

Located around 200 km from Nepal’s capital Kathmandu, Pokhara is the actual tourist capital of Nepal. The beautiful valley is cradled in silver-crowned mountains and lush green hills with exquisite lakes and rivers. It seems like nature has bestowed an extraordinary beauty to Pokhara, making it a hidden paradise on earth.
This tourist capital has so much to offer in terms of scenic views, adventure, delicacies, culture and traditions, spirituality, and religious temples and monasteries. It is a full-packaged tourist destination with everything one needs to make their trip memorable. This article covers the top places to visit in Pokhara and activities you can do in the beautiful tourist heaven.

Top Places To Visit In Pokhara

Phewa Lake

Phewa lake, a stunning emerald lake, serves as the beating touristic heart of Pokhara. The tranquil lake, snow-capped mountains, and the blue sky all mirrored in the water are a sight to behold. In the middle of the lake lies an island that is home to the Tal Barahi Temple, Pokhara’s most well-known Hindu Temple. You can take a boat out on the lake and enjoy the peaceful environment and picturesque scenery. Also, you can explore the island and get blessings from Tal Barahi. It is said that your wish is fulfilled if you ask for something with pure intention and god is pleased with it. Apart from this, Kayaking at Phewa lake is adventurous and rewarding. You can rent a kayak and disconnect yourself from the world for the time being. If you love fishing, you can go fishing in the lake and enjoy that big fish you caught for dinner.


Ever wondered what a view from heaven would look like? You can watch heaven on earth through the eyes of Sarangkot. The beautiful hilltop located at 1600 m offers the best view of Pokhara valley, mystic mountains, and enchanting sunrise and sunsets. The sunset and sunrise from Sarangkot are world-class. Make sure you reach the location 30 minutes earlier and watch that therapeutic scene: a golden sun, a sky painted with fiery orange,
and birds flying in the sky. If you want to fly like a bird in the sky, you can do so through paragliding. The flight takes off from Sarangkot down the Phewa lake. Also, if you love hiking, you can hike to the top of the Sarangkot. It takes about 90 minutes to 2 hours to reach the top.

Davis Fall and Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave

Davis Fall is a spectacular waterfall in Pokhara that falls down a 500-foot-long tunnel beneath the ground. It is called Patale Chango in the Nepali language, which translates to an underground waterfall. You can appreciate the power of nature by watching this massive waterfall as it tries to break free from the rocks blocking its path.
Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave is Davis fall upstream and cave downstream. You can explore this longest cave, with a length of 2950m, where Davis fall runs through it. The cave is also home to Lord Shiva and other Hindu deities.

World Peace Pagoda

Shanti Stupa, also known as the World Peace Pagoda, is a beautiful Buddhist monument in Pokhara that sits atop Anadu Hill. The pagoda is complemented by the breathtaking view of the beautiful Phewa Lake and the picturesque Annapurna Mountains. You can enjoy a scenic eagle view and watch enchanting sunset and sunrise from the top. You can also hike or cycle to the
top to make it more memorable and adventurous.

Begnas Lak

Begnas lake is a beautiful lake surrounded by tropical jungle and snowcapped mountains. Located at 30 minutes drive from the hustle and bustle of Pokhara city, the tranquil lake is the perfect place for boating and enjoying the serenity of nature. You can also go fishing or try the delicious fish cuisines or swim like a fish at Begnas lake if you love swimming

Mahendra Cave and Bat Cave

Mahendra Cave is a large limestone cave that houses the statue of Lord Shiva. It is an ancient cave made of natural limestones which glitter when light is bestowed upon them. The cave is also home to dark wild bats hanging down the ceilings. If you want to meet more bats, then bat cave or Chamero Gufa is a few minutes walk away.

International Mountain Museum

The International Mountain Museum in Pokhara houses an impressive collection of artifacts, original mountaineering equipment, stories and biographies, pictures representing the mountains, their indigenous peoples, and the explorers who have conquered some of the world’s highest peaks. The museum is the perfect place to learn about the history of mountaineering and mountaineers.

Seti Gandaki Gorge

One of Pokhara’s many stunning natural attractions is the Seti-Gandaki River. The KI Singh Bridge offers a breathtaking view of the deadly flow of milky water and the steep gorge it has carved. You can also raft at the Seti Gandaki river to get a quick adrenaline rush.

Rupa Lake

Rupa lake is an exquisite freshwater lake located at an elevation of 600 m and is well-known for its abundant wildlife, pristine water, and peaceful environment. You can enjoy the tranquility and panoramic beauty by boating or fishing in the lake.

Gurkha Memorial Museum

Gurkhas are the world-famous warriors of Nepal. Gurkha Memorial Museum is dedicated to the proud history of Gurkhas. If you love history and want to know more about the history of Gurkha, then you should definitely visit the museum.

Things To Do In Pokhara


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Pokhara is a hub for a wide range of adrenaline-pumping sports, but paragliding is one of the most prominent. Pokhara’s paragliding is listed as the world’s second most fantastic paragliding destination. There are several paragliding agencies down the lakeside where you can book your flight. The flight takes off from Sarangkot down the Phewa lake and lasts for around 30 minutes. The best part is that flying here is inexpensive, with tandem flights by professional operators available for about $50. On top of that, the landscape is absolutely stunning as you fly over lakes, forests, local towns, and old monasteries while gazing at the snow-capped mountains.

Ultra-Light Flight

If you are scared of paragliding but want to embrace that beautiful view, then an ultra-light flight can be the best option. You can take a 15-90 minute flight in a two-seater aircraft across mountain ranges such as Annapurna, Machhapuchchhre, Manaslu, and Dhaulagiri. You can fly close to the mountains and enjoy the most picturesque scenery.

Chilling At Lakeside

Phewa lakeside is the best place to hang out: the beautiful emerald lake with the backdrop of silver-crowned mountains, a perfect canvas landscape, and an awe-inspiring ambiance. Lakeside is a tourist area of Pokhara where you could drop by some curio shops, beautiful lakeside cafes, or simply enjoy the view on the park bench. If you are a foodie, you can try plenty of mouth-watering local foods. You can also rent a bicycle and roam around the beautiful Pokhara lakeside.

Hiking and Trekking

Pokhara is the gateway to Nepal’s popular trekking destinations, including Annapurna Base Camp, Mardi Himal Trek, and Poon hill trek. If you love trekking, you can embark on your journey to the best trekking destination in the world. However, if you don’t want to trek, there are also hiking destinations. You can take a short hiking route to Sarangkot and World Peace Stupa.

Shopping at Lakeside

If you are a shopaholic, Pokhara has a lot of things to offer you. A walk along the lakeside road will lead you to a plethora of Tibetan handicrafts, pashmina shawls, rugs, silver jewelry, Himalayan teas, jute bags, souvenirs, and trekking essentials

White Water Rafting

If you are looking for a quick adrenaline rush, you can try rafting at the Seti Gandaki river. As you speed down the waves, you’ll get to take in breathtaking views of the mountains and a beautiful ravine filled with waving prayer flags. What can be better than rafting in milky white water with beautiful mountains in the background?

Bungee Jumping

Pokhara offers the best bungee jumping if you are looking to spice up your trip with more adventure. The bungee is located at Hemja, and this bungee jump from a tower is the only one of its kind in Nepal. As you plunge from 75 meters, the most breathtaking panorama of the valley, lake, and surrounding mountains is yours to take in during your three-minute free fall.

Boating and Kayaking

What can be more peaceful than boating and kayaking in a beautiful lake mirroring the snowcapped mountains? Pokhara is a city of lakes with Phewa lake, Begnas lake, and Rupa lake, where you can enjoy boating and kayaking. You can rent colorful boats, roam around the magnificent lake, and enjoy the view.

Yoga and Meditation

Pokhara is the perfect place for yoga and meditation. Mother nature has the ability to calm your soul, and Pokhara has huge blessings from her. The beautiful sight itself can heal your soul and make you feel better. On top of that, you can find yoga and meditation centers that help you practice yoga and meditation with stunning views as a background.

Watching Sunrise and Sunset.

Pokhara has the best view of sunrise and sunset in the world. As the sun starts to set or rise, it casts a golden reflection on the mountains, and the vibrant colors fill up the sky like a beautifully painted canvas. You may also find several teahouses selling freshly brewed tea or coffee. A perfectly brewed tea/coffee, orange sky, golden sun, and mountains at the backdrop, what a
beautiful way to start/end the day.

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