Chitwan is a natural paradise in the southern Terai belt of Nepal, blanketed in lush vegetation and home to innumerable floras and faunas. it is home to rare wildlife species, including the Bengal Tiger, Ghariyals, Mugger crocodiles, and the one-horned Asian rhinoceros. Apart from natural enrichment, it is culturally enriched with Tharu culture, and traditions native to this region. Chitwan is a place where man and wildlife coexist peacefully. This article explores the hidden treasures of Chitwan.

Chitwan is located in southern Terai, nested in the foothills of Mahavarat and Siwalik hills. The jewel of terai showcases a different side of Nepal with lush vegetation, plain landscapes, and enriched biodiversity, culture, and traditions. Chitwan is a location to experience lifeforms in their natural habitat and to embrace nature’s beauty. It is home to rare wildlife, including Bengal Tiger and one-horned rhinoceros. Culturally, it is enriched by the Tharu culture and traditions native to this region. Chitwan is a land of wonders where man and animals dwell together in nature. This article uncovers hidden places and activities to do in Chitwan.

Top Places To Visit In Chitwan

Chitwan National Park

Undoubtedly, Chitwan National Park is the heart of Chitwan, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and home to many floras and faunas. It is also the first national park in Nepal and preserves most of the endangered wildlife species and a wide range of vegetation. The park is one of the few safe havens for the endangered one-horned rhino, and it also has large populations of tigers, leopards, and rare Gangetic dolphins.

You can enjoy elephant back safaris, jeep safaris, nature walks and bird watching in the national park Chitwan National Park is the best place to experience the natural habitat of several species of wildlife and revel in the abundance of natural beauty.


An important pilgrimage site, Devghat is located at the holy confluence of the great rivers Kali Gandaki and Trishuli. The place has many shrines, temples, and ashrams on its periphery and is surrounded by a thick forest of sal trees. On the occasion of Makar Sankranti, a big religious fair is conducted and devotees and pilgrims from Nepal and the neighboring Indian region
gather to perform a religious bathing ceremony at the confluence. It is believed that bathing in this holy river will wash away all the sins.


The place has a spiritual ambiance with the ringing of bells and the chanting of songs known as bhajans that may be heard throughout the day and night.

Bishazari Lake (20 Thousand Lakes)

The Bishazari Taal is Chitwan’s well-kept secret and an excellent place for birdwatching. It is an
extensive system of oxbow lakes that is home to the birds from Siberia who migrate here during
the winters. Apart from Siberian birds, the lake is home to several exotic birds and wildlife creatures, including deer, tigers, and rhinos.


Jalbire Waterfall

Jalbire waterfall, locally known as Lamo Jharana, is a beautiful waterfall cascading down from 100 meter high. The waterfall is located at The Narayangarh Mugling road segment in Chandibanjyan VDC. The sight of the water crashing on the rocks and stones amid beautiful lush vegetation is a blessing to the eyes and soul. The picturesque waterfall is also a popular destination for water sports enthusiasts, particularly for canyoneering.

A few minutes from the waterfall lies beautiful Gurung homestays, where you can experience Gurung culture first-hand.


Ranipokhari is a new Chitwan destination situated at Bharatpur-19, Kirangunj. The pond is said to be built by the King for his queen and thus was named Ranipokhari ( Queen pond). Initially, it was just a pond and place for the cattles to graze. But, the locals saw the tourism potential and, thus, started to renovate it. Today, it is an open-air museum with various rock sculptures to admire.


The pond is accompanied by natural beauty and is an excellent place for a picnic, a day out, or simply lying down on the grasses and enjoying your nature day. You can go boating or feed the fish to spice up your day.


Sauraha is the gateway to Chitwan National Park, well-known for its Jungle Safari Tours in Nepal. One of the most admirable sights to observe in Sauraha is the sunset from the Rapti River’s bank. There are several hotels, restaurants, shops, and pubs to enjoy. Apart from this, there are so many things you can do there, including Jeep safari, experiencing Tharu culture,
watching the sunset from Rapti, enjoying street foods, and visiting the Elephant and crocodile breeding center.Watch out in the mornings; you might see one horned rhino paying you a visit in your hotel.


Shiraichuli Hill

Shiraichuli Hill, located at an elevation of 1945 meters above sea level, is Chitwan’s highest peak. Shiraichuli hill trekking is one of the most popular treks in Chitwan, starting from Hugdi (between Mugling and Krishna Veer) and ending in Chitwan. This location provides breathtaking views of the sunrise and sunset and a panoramic view of the beautiful Himalayan ranges like
Dhaulagiri, Langtang, Gaurishankar, and others. The trekking trail to Shiraichuli provides lovely lush greenery hills seasonally covered with Rhododendron. The hill is covered with gorgeous vegetation and animal sights, providing a natural hug.

Narayani River

The r is one of the major rivers in Nepal. It flows close to the Chitwan National park and is a great place to go canoeing if you’re looking for a peaceful but exciting outing. You may take a relaxing cruise along the river and see all sorts of aquatic life, including dolphins,
crocodiles, and river otters, in their natural habitat.


If you want luxury mixed with wilderness, then Meghauli is must visit place for you. There are several luxury hotels and resorts in Meghauli, located adjacent to Chitwan National Park. Due to the proximity to the national park, the place is blessed with natural gifts, including wildlife, lush forests, and rivers. The sunset near the confluence of the Narayani and Rapti rivers is
breathtaking. Also, you will be welcomed by the hospitable Tharu people, and you can get first-hand experience of their culture, including the local Tharu stick dance, tiger dance, and mask dance.


Tharu Cultural Museum and Research Center

Tharu are the indigenous group of Chitwan. If you want to learn more about their history, culture, and tradition, you must visit Tharu cultural museum and research center. The museum is located at Ratnanagar and exhibits the life, food, attire, and history of the Tharu people.


Things to Do in Chitwan

Elephant Back Safari

Elephant Back Safari is a popular tourist activity, especially among those who want to dwell in nature completely. Travelers on this ride will rejoice in riding through lush forests filled with wildlife, such as one-horned rhinos and elusive Royal Bengal tigers, as well as hundreds of bird species and a diverse variety of reptiles. You’ll see rivers, landscapes, and ancient trees on the way.


Canoeing in Rapti River

The tranquility of a canoe trip allows you to get close and personal with the marine ecology in Rapti river. You can enjoy the serene river and beautiful surrounding area, home to various plants, animals, landscapes, and woods. Also, you can observe the Marsha Mugger and Gharial Crocodiles and birds, including Egret, Cormorant, Pond Heron, and Open Billed Stork. Don’t
panic if the crocodiles come down your canoe !


Elephant Bathing

Elephants are fun to interact with, and you can even take a bath on the back of one. The elephant will shower you with its trunk. You can also help the mahout wash the Elephant and play with them. You can sprinkle water at them, but they will shower you with water full from their trunk. Pretty cute, right? You can relax in the tranquility of the Rapti River while watching the alluring elephants take a bath or perhaps join them for a dip.

Chitwan Biking

Biking is a great way to see more of a town than just its tourist attractions. You can cycle around the national park area, river bank, or bish hazaari taal. It’s such a fun activity that lets you enjoy the natural beauty on your own. You can rent bikes in town and cycle the way to peace and serenity.

Elephant Breeding Center

If you want to learn more about this gigantic but friendly creature, then make sure to visit the elephant breeding center. The place is located in Bharatpur and is a place where you can see the lifestyle of elephants. You can even prepare Elephant food and feed them. Also, you can play with baby elephants and visit the small museum where they can get more insight about
elephants and their habitats.

Jungle Walk

Some of the national park’s pathways are walkable, so get on that jungle adventure with the walk. Some wild animals, various birds, and other unique creatures will populate the paths. Since it is risky to walk in the jungle, you will be acquainted with a guide who will help you get more insight into the jungle walk. Make sure you keep quiet and enjoy the tranquility and beauty
of the jungle.

Jeep Safari

Take a jeep safari deep into the midst of Chitwan’s jungle to experience the wildlife up close. The guides in the jeep will help you get insight into the plants and animals of Chitwan National Park. However, it is typical to see spotted deer, wild pigs, barking deer, and sambar birds, and seeing elusive species such as the one-horned rhino, leopard, and Bengal tiger may be hard. The noise of the jeep tends to drive away the wild animals. But, if you are lucky, you might see a one-horned rhino and Bengal tiger up close.


There are about 543 different types of birds inhabiting Chitwan. There are a variety of migratory and exotic birds here, including Bengal floricans, grey-crowned prinias, swamp francolins, and grass warblers. The endangered spotted eagle has been seen nesting there, making it one of just a few such sites worldwide. Several birds from around the world migrate here during spring and winter. Cuckoos’ songs mark the beginning of spring, and the bird’s melody fills the whole forest.

Experience Tharu Culture

Tharu are culturally enriched indigenous people of Chitwan. There are several cultural shows where you can experience and enjoy Tharu culture and traditions. You will be entertained with various Tharu dances, including stick dance, mask dance, and fire dance. You can also try wearing the Tharu traditional costume and enjoy the dance with them

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